Marjan Zupančič - ultra & mountain runner

Name: Marjan Zupančič

Age: 45 years

Sport: mountain running, ultra 100km+ running, cross country skiing, triathlon

Best results:

  • multiple national champion in mountain running
  • multiple national champion in mountain marathons
  • national champion in duathlon more than 20 years ago
  • 7x winner @ the well know triathlon Triatlonu Jeklenih v Bohinju
  • national team member @ competitive cross country skiing
  • silver medal at the world mountain running championship with team Slovenia
  • mountain running world champion in the category 35-40 years,
  • record holder at the slovene trail route with a time 7 days 8 hours 10 minutes
  • won multiple ultra trails: 100 miles Istre (Croatia), Ultra Trail Vipava 110 km (Croatia) , Jahorina Trail (Bosnia), …


How long are you training? what sports? tell us your sport history..

I am training for more than 30 years, started out with cycling, then duathlon, triathlon, competitive cross country skiing. Now my main sport is mountain and ultra running.

Any injuries?


How much do you train?

I train almost every day for about 17-25 km.

What supplements do you use? Katere dodatke uporabljate?

For recovery I take Ultragen. Before events and longer trainings I usually drink Ndure. When working out I eat Energycake. At competitions my favourite is Liquid shot.