David Mihalič - swimming

David Mihalič DP open

Name: David Mihalič

Age: 18 years

Sport: Swimming

Best results:

  • Youth national record 200m mixed 2:04,29 in 50m pool.
  • Youth national record 400m mixed 4:26,47 in 50m pool.
  • Cadet national record 400m mixed 4:31,25 in 50m pool.
  • Cadet national record 400m mixed 4:25,66 in 25m pool.
  • 3rd place in mixed relay at OFEM
  • 5th place in 400m mixed at OFEM
  • 8th place in 200m mixed at MEP
  • Youth national record in medley relay 4x100 3:49,35
  • Youth national record in freestyle relay 4x200 7:35,97

How long are you training? What sports? Tell us your sport history..

I am training from the first grade of elementary school when I went to the swimming course. Because I liked it, I started training at the team Olimpija Ljubljana and still doing it today. This is my 11th year.

Any injuries?


How much do you train?

9 times per week + competition over the weekend.

9 times per week is a lot. What supplements do you use and how? 

During workouts, I drink EFS drink, which helps me to get back all the nutrients my body uses during it. After the workout, I take Ultragen, which provides optimal recovery. I also take MultiV. Better prevent than cure;)

What's your biggest goal?

Olympic medal.


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