Name: Blaž Brečko

Age: 23 years

Sport: Triathlon - long distance/Ironman

Best results:

  • Challenge Denmark(Ironman) 9h38m; RACE REPORT
  • National championship in long distance triathlon Poreč 2016-5th absolute; RACE REPORT
  • Ocean Lava Tenerife half ironman triathlon – 9th absoutne
  • personal best half marathon: 1:16:57

How long do you train, what sports, list your sports history...

From my 11th to 19th year I was training football, which I stopped because of knee injury. Then I started to run and bike, I also started swimming at the triathlon club ŠRK Celje, as I wanted to test myself at a triathlon. In may 2012 I did my first triathlon, in september 2014 I finished my first Ironman in Mallorca. 

Any injuries?

At my football career I had many injuries (ankle,knee,...) since I am doing triathlon I didnt have any serious injury.

How much do you train weekly?

I train about 12-20 hours weekly, depends what season it is.

What supplements do you use?

I regulary use Nduranz products Daily Vit&Min, Ndure and Glutamine. At more intensive trainings and competitions I add 2nd Surge energy gels and EFS Liquid shot.



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